Balikpapan Superblock
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Balikpapan, Indonesia
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Information about Project
March 2012

Balikpapan Superblock is among the largest project that is being built by PT. Wulandari Bangun Laksana in Balikpapan, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The project area of 12 ha (will be expanded soon) promises super block development complex that includes apartment buildings, hotel, shopping mall, shop houses, city walk, and water world. PT. Wulandari Bangun Laksana is one of PT Pintu Air Mas Group subsidiary that has experienced a variety of multi diverse projects, such as: Jatra Hotel Jakarta, Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru, J-Boutique Hotel Bali, Bina Bangsa School Jakarta, Bintara Alam Permai Real Estate Bekasi, Pekanbaru Mall and others.


1 apartment tower of 15 floors containing about 176 unit apartments are built exactly in front of the seaside, so occupants can have direct access to the beach with just a walking distance. The size of the apartments for sale are type 39, type 60 and type 80. Apartment type 60 and type 80 are partitioned with living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, maid's room, and maid's toilet room. Apartment type 39 is only provided with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, balcony, living room, kitchen and toilet and there is no toilet or bedroom for maid's. Outside the unit, joint facilities include 24 hour security, swimming pool, elevator, lobby, mail box, car parking, sports facilities, fitness, and tennis court.


Pentacity mall in Balikpapan superblock area is one of the most important building in the project. The mall is very useful for shopping, entertainment, or simply just to visit. Different types of restaurants, cafes and bars are available for dining options. Other stores such as computers, clothing, electronic, furniture, tools, household and office supplies are available to the public. Or just for walking around, visitors can enjoy the full functions of a shopping mall with cleanliness, comfort, and spacious car park in the morning, afternoon or evening. Meeting the daily needs can be easier and well equipped in a shopping center that is advanced and all-round easy.


The hotel is being built with a unique design with color choices that are interesting. With elegant design, the hotel contains 215 rooms. Guests can enjoy the comfort of a hotel room, including bed, IDD telephone, AC, hot and cold water, satellite TV, mini bar, and 24-hour room service. Drinking water, coffee and tea is provided free with the tools to make them. For leisure time enjoyment, guests can also use the swimming pool and internet access. Spa facilities, sauna, massage, restaurant, bar and meeting room is available with an affordable price. Hotel Jatra Balikpapan is the perfect place for activities in business or leisure.


Most of the 157 shop houses units has been completed and sold (with 26 more in development). These multi-storey shop houses measured 75m2 and are marketed with starting price of Rp 1.3 billions and above. In general, prospective buyer, and buyers want to have a shop based on convenience and multi-functionality. Ground floor can be used for business and carport, while the owner can stay on the above floor(s). Only by the walking up / down stairs, owners can live, have family and work in one building. Life become all easy in Shop Houses comples of Balikpapan Supaerblock.


Without a doubt, E-Walk (Citywalk Entertainment) is a community Balikpapan Superblock take pride on. Equipped with entertainment facilities such as restaurant, cafe, billiards, karaoke, theater, family arcade, ATM, and others, E-Walk will change the life of the life of Balikpapan into a more dynamic and modern city. E-Walk is being built on 2,5 hectares of land for the basement, and 1,3 hectares for the building that consists of 5 floors. 108 retail stores and 8 anchor tenants in the total area 26,470m2 offered for rent in 5 years terms. The tenants are selected due to tight competition with other projects. The target segment is the middle class up. E-Walk have been completed and is open to public since 2010.


In addition to making the city of Balikpapan a city of dreams, this mega project also hope to provide a new multi-useful prospects. Employment, place of business, recreation place, entertainment, comfortable place to stay, spectacular scenery, and the center of attention is the key advantage for buyers and existing owner of a unit. The main target for the Superblock is to be the center of life that is unique and superior, and its power will increase wonder from people in general, as in local, National or International. Investing in this mega project can have various benefits that may not have been imaginable yet. In other words, occupy or doing business in Balikpapan superblock is a choice that will not be regretted.









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