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Established in 1983 as a subsidiary of PT WBL, PAM Group sought to make a positive impact in the Real Estate sector by focusing on major projects to provide retail, commercial and residential developments starting in Lokasari, Jakarta and Kalimalang, Bekasi with Commercial Retail Complexes. The natural growth of this industry evolved PAM Group into Tourism, Hospitality and additional Mixed-Use Townships.

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Digital Technology
revolves around the development and utilization of digital solutions and innovations. This includes software development, digital platforms, and advancements in information technology. The sector plays a transformative role in various industries, driving efficiency, connectivity, and innovation.
Property & Estate
involves real estate and property development. It encompasses activities such as residential and commercial property construction, land development, and real estate management. This sector plays a pivotal role in shaping urban landscapes, providing housing solutions, and contributing to economic development.
Mining, Energy & Plantation
sector encompasses mining, energy production, and plantations. Mining involves the exploration and extraction of mineral resources, while energy production focuses on providing electricity and fuel. The plantation sector emphasizes the cultivation of commercial crops. This sector not only serves as a key driver of economic growth but also plays a significant role in energy resilience and sustainability efforts.