PAM Group

Discover the story of PAM Group's success from its early beginnings as a property developer, to its present day standings as one of the largest and most innovative companies in Indonesia.

Our Corporate history began from PT. Pintu Air Mas in 1983

It was then that our founding fathers met and made the historic decision to form a real estate developer group in Jakarta and its vicinities. Today, PAM Group has become one of the fastest growing and largest real estate developer in Indonesia with interests in superblocks, retail properties, offices, apartments, and hotels.

In the early stages, two major projects stood out. One of them was the construction of the lively Lokasari Shopping Complex in Jakarta; the other was the Kalimalang Shopping Complex in Bekasi. Over the next decade, PAM Group has expanded into other regions in Indonesia and diversified into the travel and tourism industry.

This was marked by the opening of Jatra Tour & Travel in Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Central Jakarta and various other branches inside and outside the country. These great successes encouraged PAM Group to venture deeper into the hospitality business, opening our very first hotel, Jatra hotel in Jakarta and Bali.

Bina Bangsa School establishment

In 1999, once the the Indonesian government reinforce the teachings of foreign languages, Mandarin in particular, PAM Group saw the big opportunity and established Bina Bangsa School with the aim to provide the locals with a Singaporean based curriculum. Since then, the school has grown to become a major force within the education industry, integrating itself within the community and earning the title of one of the best school in the nation.

The New Beginning

Approaching the early 2000’s, PAM Group began to explore larger scale property with the launch of Mall Pekanbaru project and Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru, Riau. The corporation continued to get busier with even bigger challenges in superblock development project in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

With the motto of “All for a better future“ and supported by a truly dedicated team to run the business under one single flag, PAM Group, we believe that each of the businesses we owned will undeniably achieve great heights.